School’s Profile

In the year 2005 Province days Fr. Provincial Fr. Ranjit Pascal Toppo challenged the members to have vision of “Ranchi Province ten years from now”. Reading the signs of the time Provincial directed the members to start English Medium School to enhance the tribal children’s confidence to face the interviews. To respond to the challenge of Fr. Provincial St. John’s School Ranchi, English Medium was started on Wednesday 18 April 2007. St. John’s Middle School Ranchi was shifted from old campus (Purulia Road – now St. Xavier’s College Intermediate Section) to new campus (Gudri Maidan) on Thursday 18 May 2006. And class started after the summer vacation on 15 June 2006 in the new campus. The English Medium was inaugurated by Fr. Linus Dungdung (Socius), Fr. John Ekka (Province Treasurer and Secretary of the School), Fr. Principal (Fr. Erentius Minj) Fr. Vice Principal (Fr. Patrick Kerketta S.J) in a class room in the south wing next to grill with 33 students (16 KG and 17 prep) and their parents and a newly appointed founding teacher Mrs. Patricia Ann Nag. She was teaching both the sections in a class room. Mrs. Nirmala Lakra a governmeness was also appointed on 2 April 2007. In 2 July 2007 new teacher was kept in contract. Her Name was Miss Aruna Toppo. She was made the class teacher of KG. In 2008 April her contract was not renewed. In her place Mrs, Sunita Kujur was Kept on contract for a year on 9th April 2008 to 31March 2009. Another good teacher named Sandhya Panna was appointed. Her date of appointment was 21 April 2008. She was given corrective notes. She cried bitterly. And after a week she discontinued. Then two teachers were appointed from Holy Cross Montessori Burdwan Compound. They are Mrs. Usha Bara and Miss Asha Tigga and the date of appointment was 12 June 2008. Then same year Miss Madhuri Ekka was inducted on 1 September 2008. Same year on 26 November 2008 the School was officially inaugurated by Provincial Ranjit Pascal Toppo. 15 June 2009 Mrs. Sujata Soreng was inducted as Science teacher. As the school developed more teachers were required. So Mrs. Edlina Wood Tirkey was appointed on 8 April 2010. Same date Mrs Swati Sen was appointed but she could not adjust herself with other staff members and all of a sudden she discontinued after three months. According to the need three more teachers were appointed on 2 April 2011. They are Miss Deepshikha Tirkey, Miss Shashi Kerketta and Miss Sail Dungdung. Then on 1 August 2012 Miss Priyata Xess a Geography Teacher was appointed. On 2 April 2013 Miss Rashmi Kanchan Lakra a Biology teacher was appointed. In april 2014 four teachers were appointed. They are Mr. Sourabh Lakra for Mathematics, Miss Aradhana Beck and Mrs. Anima Kumari for Hindi and Miss Ashra Abdali a Montessori trained teacher. Three teachers were kept in contract in the same year in, were Mrs. Nishima Tirkey for Mathematics, Mrs. Veena Anand for Computer and Mrs. Hema kumara Prasad for Art and Craft.

The school is situated on Gudri ground, next to St. Albert’s college Major Seminary. It is on Karbala tank Road, Ranchi. East of school is Pathal Kudwa Basti, West is St. John’s High School, North is St. Albert’s College and south is Azad Basti.

Medium of instruction is English. We have received affiliation from CBSE Board Delhi on 1st November, 2017. The following subjects are taught in the school – Mathmatics, English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Geography, G.K., Life Skill, E.V.S, Computer, History and SUPW.

Students come from different localities of Ranchi town.

All the above mentioned subjects are taught. We have worked out the definite syllabus. It is a growing school. We conduct English Elocution, English Spelling test, speech competition, drawing and painting competition, storytelling, cross word competition, one act play, games and sports. We conduct Science and Art& Craft exhibition.