The school has the Principal office (28 X 24) a staff room (28 X 24) a Office with a counter ( 28 X 24 ), Games room (12 X 22) 15 class rooms ( 28 X 24) 16 toilet pans and 15 W.C rooms for boys and also 6 pans and W.C separately for girls. Labs for chemistry, biology and physics are getting ready. Computer lab has 50 computers. Staff room has a computer for the staff.


  • There are several classrooms in the school. Each class has three sections.
  • All rooms are well-ventilated with appropriate amount of light.
  • There is a separate almirah for each classroom where test papers, charts etc are kept.

Staff Room

  • St John’s school has staff rooms for the teaching staff only.
  • Keeping the convenience of the faculty in mind, each is provided with separate locker and fixed seating arrangement.


The school has Library Facilities with more than nine thousands Library Books of Students interest. This Facility is available to all bonafide students of the School during the School hours.

All classes from class I onwards are provided with at least one library period per week. Students are not allowed to bring their personal books in the Library.

Students are allowed to borrow books on their own Library cards only. The process of computerization of school Library is already on, it will be completed shortly.

Computer Lab

Keeping in mind the latest developments in the field of education, Computers have been installed in the school. Computer education is provided from class III onwards.

Fifty computers set have been installed, to provide independent set to the one student in the school. DTH Facility is also available in the school to take advantage of very educative programmes telecast by IGNOU, Gyan Darshan, Gyan Bharti channel etc. Computers are interconnected with LAN and WLAN with latest softwares installed.

Laboratory Systems

To enhance the learning ability and skills with hands on material, the School has a number of laboratory systems such as Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Language Lab, Quiz Lab, Maths Lab.


The school has physics laboratory managed by lab assistant and is fully equipped with proper instruments for the experiments. The teachers escort the students for practical classes.

The physics laboratory has 12 slabs, 10 tables, 17 cupboards, a blackboard, 2 storage cupboards and is provided with proper water supply. It is well ventilated with proper lighting and has a seating capacity for 30-35 students.


  • Chemistry laboratory for the students in the premises.
  • The laboratory is provided with 12 slabs, a blackboard, dustbin, proper water supply, 2 storage cupboards.






  • The school has a biology¬† laboratory.
  • There are 6 tables, a blackboard, dustbin, proper water supply, one store room containing different kinds of plants and animal specimens.