Formation of students

A) For class KG and PREP visits the zoo. Name of animals, reptiles, birds learnt in book make the concept clear when they visit the zoo. They are told to produce their sound. Games are conducted in which students are told to act of the beasts they imitate. Children learn group work. They are made anchors to conduct program in Annual Day function, Parents Teachers Meeting, or National day program. Through story telling their confidence is built up. Recitations of rhymes in group or individual help them develop self esteem. Teachers encourage them very much. Class I to VI students take part in several program and win applauses. Dance, games and sports, one act play, singing, leading choir, taking part in quiz, drawing competition, speech competition and also teachers encourage them in the class, teach them about etiquettes.

B) There are ecological club – there role is to bring awareness to save nature through posters, planting trees and keeping the campus clean. English club – there role is to communicate English and gaining self confidence. Krus vir – they have class once a week. Conduct quiz from the Bible. Act out the biblical scene. Practicing Christian faith and values which affects other faith students. Organize monthly mass theme wise. Go for pilgrimage once a year. Take part in Krus vir rally organized by diocese. Cubs – they have class once a week. Maintain discipline of the school. During parents teachers meeting, welcome the parents offer little service by giving a glass of water to drink. Make them occupy chairs. Indigenous club – celebrate tribal feast along with the guardians in the school campus. Organize talk on tribal identity and security.

C) Strategies to face challenges of life – We teach children to have respect towards elders and learn to give or offer help. Making them sensitive towards others faith and feelings. Through value education teaching them to pick up good thins of the society and leave the bad things. Making them accept failures as stepping stone to success. Help to equip students with knowledge so they can take good decision in life and accept social duties.

D) Government Organizations had come to present one act play on Child Labour. Followed by interactive session. We are now focused on prevention from child abuse as some cases have been identified. We are talking to the children in groups and meeting the parents individually.

E) First of all students are being given conversational classes. They are making effort to use the learnt sentences and word in daily conversation. Cross word competition is arranged to create interest towards English. Also jumble words are given to crate interest. Encouraged to write application in English. Also regularity records are written in English. We are trying to create interest and impose the language in the school.

F) Every year the scholarship forms are filled up and submitted to the Welfare officer. But the response is very discouraging to us. As per directives of the District Education Officer bank accounts are opened but no money has been transfer in their account. In the school we are mentoring the students at intelligent and individual level. Human Intelligence level – emphasis is more in intellectual formation of a child. To guide them better in their studies. Making them aware of the effect and impact of media. In a cut throat competition motivating them to do better like his friends. Orienting them to know their capabilities and helping to take appropriate decision. At individual level – children are coming from poor background where parents pay less attention to the children. Our responsibility is to accompany them and this is what we are doing. The children are growing and experience physical and hormonal change. In such time we talk to them one to one. Some children are in bad company of friends. And involved in chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, smell dendrites. We have identified them and holding counseling sessions for them. Some parents cannot say no to the demands of their children. Teachers are becoming guide for them.

G) Some innovative practices for quality enhancement – promoting group learning, making it more participatory by conducting quiz, cross word etc.

H) There are three periods of Religion and value education in a week. Beside this every Thursday there is exclusive class for Christian children. Monthly mass is organized for the Christians and for their faith formation. Every month Christian children receive the sacrament of reconciliation. Children are taken for the pilgrimage.

I) Counseling – We don’t have the trained counselor. Two teachers are given responsibilities to counsel children. It is helping them grow.

Different – abled – there are very few children of this category. It is a patience practice in accompaniment